Jobe Gama Inflatable Kayak Package


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Jobe Gama Inflatable Kayak

Embark on a new wave of adventure with the Jobe Gama 365 Inflatable Kayak – a unique marvel of exploration. Sized at 365×95.5cm, this 11ft 11-inch wonder isn’t just about dimensions; it’s a story waiting to unfold. Imagine gliding through pristine waters, guided by the precision of its drop-stitched floor and the comfort of a 3mm EVA deck.

The Jobe Gama stands apart with neoprene anti-scratch panels, ensuring durability and grace. Equipped with 3 Bravo high-pressure valves, an EZ-lock click fin, and two Fiberglass paddles, it’s a symphony of performance and style. Join the voyage, where the Gama redefines the art of kayaking.

  • 1 ez-lock click fin
  • 1 Bungee ropes
  • 2 Comfortable seats with velcro fixing system
  • 2 paddles 4 pieces Fiberglass paddle with Nylon blade
  • 2 Pressure release valves
  • 3 Bravohigh pressure valves
  • 4 Comfortable handle
  • Back and front PVC splash panels
  • Drain plug
  • Dropstitched floor with comfortable eva 3mm deck
  • Hand Pump to Inflate the kayak.
  • 2 persons
  • Neoprene anti scratch panels
  • Repair kit
  • Size: 365×95,5cm (11ft11inch) length x 37 inch width
  • Tarpaulin bottom
  • Transport nylon carry bag


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